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Canvas Giclees

Pronounced "jee-clay" or "zhee-clay", it is a French printmaker's term for "fine spray", adopted to distinguish the technique from ordinary offset printing. A giclée is an individually produced, high-resolution, archival-quality reproduction created from a digital printer's ink jets which spray millions of droplets of ink onto a fine archival canvas or art paper. The resulting work of art is so high-resolution that it is a virtually ‘continuous tone’, rather than made up of dots. Giclée has become the standard term used to describe archival fine art reproduction which faithfully reflects the subtle color, rich detail, and lush texture of the original painting.

The 16x20" professional wood framed canvas giclee is $500, the 20x24" and 24x24" are $625, and the 18x12" is $350.


Solitude - Canvas Giclee - 16x20


Adrift - Canvas Giclee - 16x20

Red Skies longdesc=

Red Skies - Canvas Giclee - 24x24

By the Light

By the Light - Canvas Giclee - 20x24

Savannah River Sunset

Savannah River Sunset - Canvas Giclee - 18x12

Low Tide

Low Tide - Canvas Giclee - 16x20

River Street in the Rain

River Street in the Rain - Canvas Giclee - 20x24

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