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By combining unexpected combinations of color, shapes, and ideas, Cheryl Hardin's paintings are captured on canvas in a fluid and impressionistic style. She creates original works in oils, using both palette knife and brush. Soft brush and bold palette knife strokes provide mood, balance, and emotion in her work. Imagery spills on the canvas as she paints.

No matter what form it takes, Cheryl believes art should unite artist and audience. Her goal is that the audience of her works will experience some of the same emotions driving her creativity.

Cheryl Hardin

“The paintings I create that are deemed to have a certain mystique are the ones where the painting itself takes over. I am merely extending the brush or palette knife, each of which has its own vision. When the painting develops with the least interference on my part, the work becomes what it was meant to be.”

Represented by City Market's original gallery, Signature Gallery of Savannah.

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